3D Assessments offers a variety of tools for helping physicians assess and treat patients suffering from chronic pain. The founders of 3D Assessments, Dr. Bruns and Dr. Disorbio, are the authors of the BBHI™ 2 and and BHI™ 2 tests and providers of biopsychosocial solutions with services that complement the BBHI 2 test results.

BBHI 2 Brief Tutorial: A brief overview that discusses what the test measures, how you can easily incorporate it into your office protocol, and insurance reimbursement. Slides 17-24 include information regarding reimbursement and billing. (16 minutes)

An In-Depth Look at the BBHI 2 Report: Thoroughly discusses the information available on the test’s results report and how you can use that information to better understand your patient’s level of pain and expectations from treatment. (10 minutes)

How 3D Assessments Helps Physicians

Information about the Patient Assessment Device (PAD or just "The Box") 

BBHI™ 2 (Brief Battery for Health Improvement 2, the short test) 

BHI™ 2 (Battery for Health Improvement 2, the comprehensive test)

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