How 3D Assessments Can Help Provide
Solutions for Physicians
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Who Is 3D?

  • Authors of the BBHI™ 2 and BHI™ 2 tests
  • Provider of biopsychosocial solutions with services that complement the BBHI 2 test results

What is the BBHI 2 (Brief Battery for Health Improvement 2) Test?

  • An 8-10 minute long patient-administered biopsychosocial questionnaire designed for the assessment of patients with chronic pain
  • Helps to measure levels of pain and other psychological factors commonly associated with chronic pain patients
  • The test produces a comprehensive, multi-page report
  • The test is exclusively published and sold by Pearson Assessments, one of the largest publishers of psychological tests in the world

How can the BBHI 2 test results help physicians?

  • Quickly gather important information on patients
  • Document surgical readiness or need for further psych evaluation
  • Meet insurance authorization requirements
  • Analyze treatment success rates

How is the BBHI 2 test administered and scored?

  • The BBHI 2 test can be administered on a hand-held computer called the PAD (Patient Assessment Device)
  • The test is scored within moments after the PAD is set on the docking station
  • There is also a paper/pencil administration and fax-in scoring option available upon request (a free fax-in form is provided in the 3D information package)

Cost/Time Savings

  • The use of the PAD eliminates nearly all data entry time and costs (the patients do the work)
  • This option does not interrupt patient flow since the patient can take the test in the waiting area prior to seeing the physician


  • The BBHI 2 test can help address patient selection issues, insurance authorization requirements, and upcoming “fee for performance” requirements
  • Can a physician administer the BBHI 2 test?
  • Yes, physicians meet the qualification criteria for the BBHI 2 test
  • The main areas the BBHI 2 assesses are pain, functioning, depression, anxiety and illness symptoms – this is what pain physicians treat every day


  • Cost
    • Basic package: $132/month to lease the PAD, software and server storage, plus BBHI 2 assessment cost (billed separately by Pearson Assessments)
  • Reimbursement (Typical Medicare):
    • $26 — 96103: Computer administration billing code (flat fee, appropriate for when a patient is taking a test unassisted, scoring is not billable)
    • $46 — 96101, -52: Interpretation and reporting billing code, with reduced service modifier. This is used when less than 30 minutes time is spent by the MD considering the BBHI 2 results in the context of other information, interpreting those results and reporting them. (If more than 30 minutes is spent then the typical reimbursement rate is $92)
    • $72 — When both are billed (codes are not mutually exclusive)
    • Consult with your coding expert and each carrier on specific policies, as these may vary

Is the BBHI™ 2 test sufficient for psychologically clearing a patient?

  • We know of no set standards set by any insurer establishing what constitutes an adequate pre-surgical psychological assessment
  • At this point in time, most insurers have found the BBHI 2 test to be acceptable

What documentation do you need for reimbursement?

  • Follow the guidelines set forth by the specific payer
  • We recommend that you document, at a minimum:
    • Medical necessity of why the test was given
      • This might be established if the referring physician states suspicion of mental illness or if a patient exhibits symptoms which result in a suspicion of mental illness, such as depression or anxiety.
      • E.g.: The patient was administered a BBHI 2 test because the patient showed indications of depression, anxiety or anger
      • ICD-9-CM Diagnosis codes can be used to support medical necessity. An example of an ICD-9 code is “307.89 Pain disorder”
    • How the test was given
      • The patient was administered the BBHI 2 test on a computer (the PAD)
    • Time spent integrating the BBHI 2 test results with other information and writing a comprehensive report based on the integrated data. Other information might include behavioral and prior historical information – including but not limited to educational, medical and psychological records and/or tests. Include findings and recommendations:
      • The patient was depressed, anxious, etc.
      • The patient was prescribed an antidepressant medication, etc.

Will physicians get reimbursed every time for the BBHI 2?

  • Probably not. There are no procedures or services that are guaranteed 100% reimbursement
  • However, to date, the great majority of physicians have been very successful at being reimbursed
  • We recommend consulting with your coding expert and each carrier on specific policies, payment and documentation guidelines, as these may vary

To initiate ordering the BBHI™ 2 test or services provided by 3D:

  • Contact 3D Assessments toll free at 1-877-433-5900 or download the order forms.
  • The physician’s office needs to complete and sign two brief forms and fax the forms to 3D Assessments at 877-433-5901.
  • 30 day free trial allows time to test for reimbursement and establish proper documentation

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